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The employee benefits compliance landscape is in a state of constant change. EPIC believes that timely, accurate communication regarding impactful changes – and the resulting requirements, exposures and opportunities – is a chief responsibility for employee benefits brokers, consultants and professional advisors.


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March 11 | Regulatory and Legislative Update

Get information on DOL guidance and review of proposed or new regulatory and legislative changes as of March 11, 2021.

March 16 | Special Webinar: The Impact of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA)

Learn about the ARPA federal subsidy that covers 100% of Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) premiums for certain Qualified Beneficiaries, running from April 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, co-hosted with our COBRA partner, BRi, plus bonus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

May 13 | Dependent Care Assistance Programs & Updated COBRA Subsidy Guidance

Find out how the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the administration of §129 Dependent Care Assistance Programs and answer questions on the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) subsidy included in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) also check out our ARPA COBRA Subsidy Guide.

July 8 | Common Benefits Mistakes Employers Make

Identify existing compliance gaps and get the information needed to confidently make changes going forward, focusing on some of the common mistakes we see with respect to benefit design, plan administration and other employee benefits issues.

September 9 | Review of Employee Benefits Plan Nondiscrimination Requirements

Learn the basics of nondiscrimination requirements and what they look like in practice for different plans; self-insured, fully insured, cafeteria plans and dependent care assistance programs (DCAPs) – including the related tests and common pitfalls in benefits design.

September 30 | Special Webinar: The No Surprises Act and Healthcare Transparency

Prepare for healthcare-related provisions such as protections against balance billing in certain situations, employer responsibilities on fully insured versus self-funded plans, carrier/TPA/broker responsibilities, healthcare transparency requirements (including identification cards, prohibition on gag clauses), and more – covered by new guidance and requirements released in July and August of 2021, regarding the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) COVID-19 relief bill, signed into law December 2020.

Also, read our related compliance alerts and insights: Departments Provide Long-Awaited Guidance on the No Surprises Act, Transparency Requirements & Surprise Billing – Agency FAQs Offer Several Delays and Updates on Provisions of the Transparency in Coverage Rules & Consolidated Appropriations Act.

November 11 | 2021 Regulatory Review and Wrap-Up

2021 was a difficult year for human resources and employee benefits professionals contending with a multitude of legal and regulatory changes and challenges. Review the top compliance issues from 2021 and look ahead to potential developments in 2022.

November 18 | Special Webinar: EPIC & Guardian HR Host Answers to Your Questions About OSHA’s Vaccination Mandate ETS

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) mandating large employers to have a policy requiring employees to be vaccinated or be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing. We answer questions like, “Which employees are exempt from the requirement? What must be included in the employer’s written policy? Can employers mandate vaccinations with no option for testing?” We also review recent results of our Market Pulse Survey with greater than 400 participants sharing their company’s approach to COVID-19 vaccination requirements.


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