As our growth continues across the country, we remain acutely focused on delivering service excellence to our clients as well as maintaining the “people first” culture that helps our employees thrive. We are always looking for new partners who share similar goals, beliefs and core values.



We have aligned ourselves with investors and capital to establish strategic regional hubs across the country, building each one further with the addition of new teams – both hired and acquired. As we partner with and integrate these firms into the larger EPIC organization, it is imperative that we share a strong foundation. This includes a clients and employees-first culture; a desire to stay in the game and build something great; a focus on organic growth and entrepreneurial creativity; key geographic markets and niche industry expertise; and the ability to effectively serve clients locally with access to both national and global resources.

We are excited about the teams who have chosen to become part of our EPIC operations across the country, as well as the opportunities that lie ahead for all of us!

Additional Divisions of EPIC

Divisional Leadership

Derek Thomas Headshot
Derek Thomas

Chief Strategy Officer, EPIC Specialty Programs & Investments

Mike McMullen Headshot
Mike McMullen

Co-Founder, PowerGuard Specialty Insurance Services

Scott Gunnison Headshot
Scott Gunnison

Co-Founder, PowerGuard Specialty Insurance Services

Robert Frost Headshot
Robert Frost

Managing Principal, Frost Specialty Inc.

Dave Collings Headshot
Dave Collings

Managing Principal, Greyling Insurance Brokers, A Division of EPIC

Gregg Bundschuh Headshot
Gregg Bundschuh

Managing Principal, Greyling Insurance Brokers, A Division of EPIC

Jay Moroney Headshot
Jay Moroney

Managing Principal, Lemme Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Rhonda Mack Headshot
Rhonda Mack

Managing Principal, Jerry Parks Insurance Group

Phil Remig Headshot
Phil Remig

President & COO, EPIC New York

Adam Okun Headshot
Adam Okun

Co-President, EPIC New York Benefits

Larry Kirshner Headshot
Larry Kirshner

Co-President, EPIC New York Benefits

Carl Gerson Headshot
Carl Gerson

Managing Principal, Capacity Coverage Company

Phil Moyles Headshot
Philip Moyles

CEO, Vanbridge

Lou D'Agostino Headshot
Lou D’Agostino

Principal, Iron Cove

Phil Bilello Headshot
Phil Bilello

Principal, TMC EPIC - Melville

Len Scioscia headshot
Len Scioscia

CEO, Cook Maran

Jim Hynes Headshot
Jim Hynes

President, Midwest Region

Peter Roblin Headshot
Peter Roblin

President, Roblin Insurance

Jim Roblin

Executive Vice President, Roblin Insurance

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