The Financial Institution sector is one of our core specialty practices. This industry faces unique challenges that require a team of experienced professionals equipped to assist clients with the complex risk management issues they face.


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Vanbridge, an EPIC Company

Vanbridge was conceived out of the desire to better serve the alternative asset management community by bridging the traditional insurance industry and capital markets and allowing them to tap into the best aspects of both.

Vanbridge focuses on alternative asset management, corporate and individual high net worth clients to solve risk-related issues utilizing insurance and alternative capital. Our unique structuring and plan design techniques support various client objectives including cost reductions and enhancements to investment strategies that strengthen long-term financial performance.

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What to Expect from EPIC


Our integrated, multi-disciplinary approach led by seasoned experts with decades of experience delivers a broad range of customized solutions focused on optimizing program design and coverage while maximizing cost efficiencies. Our expertise in this specialized area comes with our industry-recognized reputation for exceedingly high customer service.

Our broker teams work with our actuaries to ‘pre-underwrite’ risks to ensure that our clients get objective, relevant information. Although these capabilities can be applied across a wide range of industry groups, they are especially effective for Financial Institutions. As our clients, you are empowered to make informed risk management decisions based not only on the collective data of the Financial Institutions market as a whole but also with empirical data that are unique to your institution.

We are also your advocates with the insurance companies. Our strong market connections are based on long term relationships. As a result, underwriters consistently demonstrate their willingness to help us structure exceptional programs and obtain favorable claims resolutions.

Our Clients


Our Financial Institution clients include:

Asset managers
Broker dealers
Commercial, savings and investment banks
Exchanges, depositories, clearing houses
Finance companies
Hedge funds
Insurance companies
Investment managers
Mutual funds
Private equity

Our Leaders

William Goett

Managing Principal – New York, NY

Lou D’Agostino

Principal, Iron Cove – New York, NY

Phil Moyles

CEO of Vanbridge - New York, NY

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