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Criminals are trying new tactics such as forming cyber cartels to stay ahead of security enhancements and maximize attacks

In this webinar, the panel discussed the rapidly changing landscape of claims in our 5G-powered world and the threats of jackware and cyber criminal cartels using “double-extortion.” This includes data exfiltration and data modification. Innovation is key to protecting people and companies from the risks and disruptions hackers can cause. 

Moderator and Panelists:
  • Kelly Geary, National Practice Leader – Executive and Cyber Risk, EPIC
  • Jen Falkenholm, VP National Cyber Practice, EPIC
  • Nikki Howes, Client Advocacy Leader, West Region Energy & Marine Practice, EPIC
  • Dan Healy, Partner, Anderson Kill


Key Tips & Takeaways from the Presentation:
  1. Review and understand the definition of Computer System/Network in your cyber policy. Is it broad enough?
  2. Review and understand your uninsured exposure by conducting a gap analysis on your entire insurance portfolio.
  3. Give notice, promptly, under all applicable insurance policies.
  4. Be proactive! Pay close attention to changes in technology your business relies upon. Evaluate the risk and risk transfer mechanisms you have in place frequently.
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Kelly Geary

National Executive Risk & Cyber Practice Leader

Nikki Howes

Client Advocacy Leader, West Region Energy & Marine Practice