Our pharmacy experts work with the health and welfare teams to deliver certainty and direction for your medical plan. The pharmacy industry is one of the most volatile and rapidly changing in the world. Much of this volatility impacts your ability to sponsor pharmacy benefits and influences cost. The experience and knowledge of our team strive to maintain a current perspective around the driving changes common in this industry to help you control costs.


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Our pharmacy experts work with the health and welfare teams to deliver certainty and direction for your medical plan, providing:

  • Clinical expertise from licensed pharmacists
  • Perspective around trends developing in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Analysis of opportunities derived from measured benchmarks
  • Strategic plan design recommendations ahead of market trends
  • Negotiations with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to achieve transparency and performance results
  • Implementation of contracts with PBMs
  • Oversight and management of Medicare and Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) programs

What to Expect from EPIC


In 2002, we developed Ascendent®, a pharmacy purchasing coalition, as an option for clients that self insure their medical benefit plans.

Ascendent was created to reduce the rising cost of prescription drugs and to demystify the process involved in negotiating contracts with PBMs by creating a purchasing cooperative that delivers “big company buying power” to the average middle market employer. In delivering these results, Ascendent provides transparency to you and ensures that your plan remains current with evolving changes in the benefits and pharmaceutical industries.

When combined, mid-size companies buy smarter and stay competitive through:

  • More favorable contract pricing due to leveraged negotiations and volume purchasing
  • Dedicated service teams
  • Robust cost and utilization data reporting
  • Insight into market trends and developing benchmarks
  • Carefully negotiated contracts containing important provisions necessary to protect the plan

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