Our Risk Consulting team is focused on reducing operational and financial risks at an enterprise-wide level. We provide a holistic process that integrates expertise across multiple lines of business that generate significant financial gains in risk management and operations. We offer contingent-fee pricing structures to ensure a strong return on investment.




EPIC IMPACT™ is our trademark product that offers enterprise value and solutions by a method of performance-based consultative solutions that reduce operational risks framed within a comprehensive suite of product offerings.

Profit Protection

Profit Protection solutions are critical to the success of any business operation.  Loss including shrink, waste, damage, and spoilage can have a severe impact on profitability and performance. In fact, the majority of profit-eroding behaviors are the result of operational and administrative errors, internal theft and external theft. These behaviors not only reduce profits but have a negative impact on customer experience, employee morale, and employee turnover.

  • Loss Prevention & Safety Auditing
  • Inventory Shrink Management
  • Operational Audits
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Physical Safety & Security Programs

Training & Awareness

Our solution includes customized employee training programs that help companies connect with their employees, change cultures, and exceed their business objectives.

  • Safety
  • Loss Prevention
  • Information Security
  • Customer Experience
  • Ethics
  • Regulatory Compliance

Leading the Way

See how EPIC’s Training & Awareness team is helping to lead the way for their customers. Reach out to see how they can help your business.

Loss Cost Reduction

Our lost cost reduction approach targets the most IMPACTful claims and solutions using an analytics methodology involving a customized machine learning model. Our Claims Classification model identifies solutions for each claim for us to target and groups of claims that will be most IMPACTful to our loss reduction goal. Each claim group is then quantified and assigned KPIs.


Workers’ Compensation Cost Reduction

Our Ultimate Cost Reduction solution systematically reduces frequency and severity and improves overall program efficiency. We leverage advanced analytics to drive high-payoff actions that provide appropriate care for injured workers and lasting reductions to your historic, present and future ultimate liabilities.

  • Lower Collateral & Premiums
  • More efficient process and time back in your day
  • Elevation and visibility of risk management within the company
  • Business case to increase budget for other needs
  • Increase personal and team bonus potential
Workers’ Compensation Claims Closure

Our analytics-driven Claims Closure solution has a proven track record in reducing duration and cost. Unlike traditional methods, we leverage our technology to create customized scoring tools that prioritize and resolve the claims that have the greatest opportunity for impact. This results in fewer open claims, lower costs, and time back in your day.

  • Fewer open claims
  • Lower Collateral and Letters of Credit (LOC)
  • Mitigated adverse development of newer claims
  • Time back in your day
  • Increased capacity to focus on current initiatives
  • Strong return on investment (ROI)

Our Leaders

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Managing Principal - Houston, TX

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Managing Principal - Atlanta, GA

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Managing Principal - Atlanta, GA

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